Cat Scratcher House

Does our cat house come with a scratch board?

Yes, our cat house includes a scratch board. Additionally, we offer replacement scratch boards that buyers can purchase separately as needed.

What is the maximum weight of cat that the cat scratcher house can hold?

The Smile Paws Cat Scratcher Cat House can support cats weighing up to 20 pounds.

What materials are used in the Smile Paws Cat Scratcher House? 

The Smile Paws Cat Scratcher House is made from eco-friendly, high-density corrugated cardboard. This material is not only durable and non-toxic but also very safe, ensuring that cats can use it with peace of mind. Our carefully selected cardboard withstands prolonged scratching and offers enough flexibility to protect your cat's claws.

What is the scratch mat used for?

It could keep cat's claws trimmed, well maintained and strong. And it also could protect your furniture from your cat's gnawing.

Is the cat scratcher house safe?

We use non-toxic inks for printing to ensure safety. But please still be careful not let your cat eat it.

Is the cat sratcher house water-proof?

No. But our new product with water-proof coat is coming soon.

How long does the cat scratcher house need to replace?

It depends on how active your cat is.

How do I assemble the Cat Scratcher House after purchase? 

Our product is designed for easy assembly. It comes with detailed assembly instructions and all necessary tools included in the package. Simply follow the steps in the instruction manual, and you will be able to assemble it effortlessly.